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6 bottles of oil of 1 lt


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Colfiorito Farm is situated on the lower slopes of Monte Tiburtini at an average altitude of 400 meters above sea level. This area has a particular type of microclimate away from the influence of the sea: this characteristic makes it extremely rare attack of the olive fruit fly.

The cultivation respects the principles of organic agriculture under EEC Regulation 2092/91. The product is certified organic for the American market.

The average annual production currently amounts to about 8,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. The bottling, like all other stages of processing, takes place in the company. bottles and cans are available in all formats, even to customize.

The extra virgin Bio “Tenuta Colfiorito” is a qualitative high level of product evidenced by the many awards obtained.



The extra virgin olive oil of our company is produced according to organic criteria only with picked olives in the olive grove of the company from “Rosciola” plants, “Rotonda”, “Procanica” and all other native cultivars. The harvest takes place early October in order to preserve the organoleptic quality of the oil and the content of polyphenols, which are essential to counter the formation of free radicals.

The oil production takes place in the company mill for cold extraction with a continuous cycle method in two phases without adding water and without further purification. The oil is stored in stainless steel containers, located in an environment maintained at a constant temperature, in which is imesso for foods nitrogen to avoid oxidation.

The main features of extra Tenuta Colfiorito are: golden color, pleasant fruity aroma, pleasant taste but not overbearing and always very low acidity.

The extra virgin Montano San Giuseppe is the result of the first pressing of olives harvested in the olive grove portion most exposed to the east, and is composed of 80% by cultivar “Montanese” whose low yield ensures the oil a fruity particularly intense.

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